Dehydrated green Madagascar pepper

Dehydrated green Madagascar pepper


Awaken your taste buds with our Dehydrated Green Pepper from Madagascar, offering exotic freshness and aromatic intensity to enhance the delicacy of your dishes.

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Dehydrated green Madagascar pepper

Travel to the heart of Madagascar's plantations with our Dehydrated Green Pepper, a spice that embodies the island's rich history. Carefully cultivated and harvested by hand, this pepper captures the essence of local farming traditions, where each grain bears witness to the know-how handed down from generation to generation.

Traditionally used in Madagascan cuisine, our Dehydrated Green Pepper brings an exotic freshness and vibrant flavour to your dishes. Use it in your meat marinades, such as 'Filet de Porc Malgache au Poivre Vert', a perfect fusion of tenderness and spicy aromas. Don't hesitate to rehydrate it to make a creamy green pepper sauce to accompany grilled duck breast.

Its versatility extends to vegetarian dishes, such as 'Avocado and Green Pepper Salad', where it adds a spicy, herbaceous touch. Also ideal for creating homemade condiments, our dehydrated green pepper enhances your culinary creations, revealing a palette of new flavours in every bite.

Poivre Vert-25 gr