smoked black pepper from Madagascar


Black pepper from Madagascar is very fragrant with a strong floral aromatic imprint.

Black pepper smoked with rosewood is a pure product from Malagasy know-how.

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Smoked black peppercorns from Madagascar.

Black pepper is one of the emblematic spices of Madagascar and the preparers have capitalized on world-renowned know-how to obtain a product that is both powerful in the mouth but also very fragrant.

At Sambavanilla, a new step has just been taken with the smoking of peppercorns with Rosewood sawdust and we are proud to be the first to offer it to you.

The product obtained in this way is a marvel and the smoked spice offers a completely different palette of aromatic flavors than traditional pepper.

At first glance, we perceive all the flavors of smoking and the typical woody smell of rosewood. Then come the notes of citrus fruits and red fruits characteristic of peppers from Madagascar. On the palate, we find the smoky taste then the spicy character of the pepper which is expressed in a balanced way without exaggeration.

This smoked pepper is perfect for grilled meat recipes or fish such as salmon or mackerel.

Do not hesitate to make a few turns of the pepper mill on your mixed salads or even on your grilled vegetables.

Smoked black pepper is also very suitable for making arranged rums where you can combine it with citrus fruits such as oranges or tangerines or even pears and cinnamon.

Poivre noir fumé -25 gr

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