Penja white whole peppercorns

Penja white whole peppercorns


Penja white pepper is, as its name suggests, native to the Penja region in Cameroon where it grows on volcanic land on small farms in harmony with banana crops.

It belongs to the Piper Nigrum species and has benefited from a protected geographical indication since 2013.

This rare pepper has a sweet and refined fragrance with slightly tangy and spicy wild notes, and it offers good length in the mouth.

Note that white pepper remains less spicy than black pepper.

It goes wonderfully with fish, white meats, salads, vegetables or even eggs.

Do not hesitate to crush or grind it at the last moment to benefit from all its flavors.

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White Penja pepper.

White Penja pepper grows in Cameroon in an agricultural region north of Douala. It is considered one of the best peppers in the world and benefits from a protected geographical indication.

Penja pepper is harvested when fully ripe, when the seeds begin to take on a beautiful red color. It is then placed in large tanks filled with water in order to undergo a fermentation step. During this fermentation step, the skin will detach from the peppercorns which will turn white. They are then dried at low temperature in order to preserve all their aromas.

On the flavor side, the white Penja pepper offers a strong length in the mouth with spicy and tangy notes. Although not as strong as black pepper, it retains a slightly wild power, but is nonetheless subtle.

It goes with many foods and you can pair it with white meats, fish, vegetables, soups, or even eggs.

The benefits of Penja pepper:

White Penja pepper contains piperine which provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Penja pepper stimulates the production of endorphins and acts as a natural antidepressant.

The consumption of pepper facilitates digestion and helps fight against stomach ulcers or hemorrhoids.

Poivre blanc de Penja -25 gr
Penja white whole peppercorns
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    Perfect in my mashed potatoes. Not only strong but with a distinct wide bouquet of aromatic flavors.