Sichuan Pepper


Sichuan pepper is a false pepper of Asian origin that comes from the hulls of the fruit of the Rutaceae family.
It is also sometimes called Chinese pepper.
Sichuan pepper has a powerful flavor with lemony and light anise notes.

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Sichuan whole red peppercorn

Sichuan pepper is widely used in Asian cuisine, in China, Korea and Japan.
In China, it is used to flavor pork, chicken and soup dishes.
It also does well with duck.

Native to central China, Sichuan berries grow on thorny shrubs that can grow up to 5m in height. We only eat the shell of Sichuan berries because the seeds are very hard and bitter.

In Japan, where it is very popular, it is found under the name "Sancho". The leaves are eaten in soups, and pepper is used as a condiment on meat dishes.

Sichuan pepper goes well with white meats as well as red meats, but also with rice and pasta.

Sambavanilla's trick:

To better enjoy the flavors of your Sichuan pepper, do not hesitate to roast the berries for a few minutes in a very hot pan, then crush them before placing them on your preparations at the end of cooking.

Sichuan pepper is also used in the preparation of many desserts and goes very well with chocolate.

The benefits of Sichuan pepper:

Sichuan pepper has digestive and anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe itchy skin and dental pain.
It is also credited with aphrodisiac properties.

Poivre de Sichuan -25 gr
Sichuan Pepper
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    A treat, I immediately put it in a marinade for salmon (honey, soy sauce, sichuan pepper, timut, cloves, garlic and fleur de sel, marinate and then bread with sesame seeds) (Translated review)

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    Un régal, j'en ai aussitôt mis dans une marinade pour du pavé de saumon (miel, sauce soja, poivre de sichuan, timut, clou de girofle, ail et fleur de sel, laisser mariner puis paner avec des graines de sésame)

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    Excellent quality (Translated review)

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    Excellente qualitée

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    Perfect, top quality (Translated review)

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    Parfait, qualité au top

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    Très parfumé, bien emballé

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    Very fragrant, well packaged (Translated review)

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    Excellent produit.

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    Excellent product. (Translated review)