voatsiperifery peppercorn

Wild black pepper from Madagascar Voatsiperifery


Pepper is the most widely used spice in the world.

The wild Voatsiperifery peppercorns from Madagascar are easily recognized by their small tail.

on the flavor side, this pepper is a concentrate of aromas with notes of citrus fruits and sweet spices.

It goes well with all foods such as red or white meats, vegetables, salads, fresh cheese, and even fruits such as strawberries or cherries.

It should generally be added at the end of cooking or directly on the plate.

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wild black pepper from Madagascar Voatsiperifery

Voatsiperifery pepper grows wild in the forests of Madagascar in humid climates where its collection spans from July to April by region.

Smaller than its cousin the black pepper, it is recognizable by its short tail.

Its fragrance keen to woody notes of citrus and wild flowers makes it an ideal seasoning for fish and seafood.

Less powerful than black pepper, it also marries well with the desserts, especially the strawberries.

Poivre sauvage noir- 25 gr
Wild black pepper from Madagascar Voatsiperifery
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    This is a wild herb with a very complex taste that matches good with tomatoes and egg. Gives any dish lots of character.

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    Wonderful taste use it in everything.

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    Good quality (Translated review)

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    Bonne qualité

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    pourrais donner avis après usage mais très odorant. il doit être bon

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    could give notice after use but very smelly. it must be good (Translated review)

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    Order received quickly and product is top notch (Translated review)

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