Garlic powder Tongologasy from Madagascar


Garlic is a very good food for health with a pronounced taste that enhances the flavors of many culinary preparations.

Sambavanilla garlic powder is guaranteed without preservatives.

You can add it directly to food in your recipes and it mixes very easily.

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Garlic powder Tongologasy from Madagascar

Garlic is the bulb of a perennial vegetable plant of the Amaryllidaceae family characterized by its strong smell and powerful taste.

The Tongologasy variety of garlic that grows in Madagascar is very old and its origin dates back long before the arrival of Europeans.

Tongologasy garlic is grown mainly in the south of the island on alluvial soils very rich in potassium.

The harvest takes place once a year between July and September. The garlic cloves are then dried for a long time in the sun. It is during this stage that the aromatic power of the garlic will develop. Drying is then completed using mechanical dryers before the pods are reduced to a very fine powder.

Do not confuse garlic powder, which is usually found in supermarkets, with garlic powder. Garlic powder is much finer and its flavor is much more powerful.

In cooking, it is used as a condiment. It generally accompanies marinades and generously enhances the taste of white meats. You can use it as a seasoning for your grilled vegetables such as green bean fricassee or sautéed potatoes.

Feel free to flavor your oils with Tongologasy garlic powder. Brushed on your roasts, they will do wonders.

Mixed with softened butter, garlic powder will produce a smooth, non-grainy and powerful product.

The benefits of garlic Tongologasy:

Garlic is very rich in antioxidants that slow down the aging of our cells.

It helps to fight against cardiovascular diseases and contributes to the reduction of cholesterol.

The Sambavanilla trick:

Garlic is known to relieve bad breath.

If you have overdone it a bit, no problem, Sambavanilla gives you its “grandmother” tip that will get rid of unwanted odors.

Just drink a glass of milk or chew a sprig of fresh parsley and the bad smells will disappear in no time.

Conservation :

Ideally, garlic powder is stored in a dry place away from humidity, heat and light. Avoid the refrigerator.

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Garlic powder Tongologasy from Madagascar
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    Very tasty and easy to use as it is on top of your fish or schrimp dish or in a curry stew. My first experience of this new product. Will certainly buy it again. Wide and deep taste!

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