Aluminium spice pot with measuring jugs

Aluminium spice pot with measuring jugs


Spice jar with dispenser for ground spices, spice blends, vanilla powder and flavoured fleur de sel.

The jar comes with a stopper and 2 dispensers with different flow rates.

The spice jar is reusable and environmentally friendly.


Aluminium spice pot with measuring jugs

Discover our aluminium spice jar with measuring spoon, designed to bring practicality and elegance to your kitchen. Ideal for storing your spices, this jar is both attractive and functional, guaranteeing optimum use every day.

Key features:

Material: high-quality, corrosion-resistant and lightweight aluminium, ensuring long life and easy handling.

Capacity: 200 ml, perfect for storing a wide variety of spices, herbs and condiments.

Dimensions: 50 mm diameter and 100 mm high, compact and easy to store in your cupboards or on your shelves.

Built-in dosers: Supplied with two different sized dosers, allowing you to precisely control the amount of spice you want to use, reducing wastage.

Elegant design: A sleek, modern finish that blends in perfectly with all kitchens, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

Hermetically sealed lid: The lid seals tightly, preserving the freshness and flavour of your spices.

Benefits :

Practical and ergonomic: The cylindrical shape and compact dimensions make it easy to hold and effortless to use every day.

Optimum preservation: Aluminium protects your spices from moisture and light, preserving their flavour and nutritional properties for longer.

Easy to clean: This jar is simple to dismantle and clean, ensuring perfect hygiene.

Versatile: Can be used not only for spices, but also for dried herbs, tea, ground coffee and other condiments.

The pot is supplied empty.

Pot à épices alu