Our store is dedicated to Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, which is one of the most famous Vanilla bean's in the world.

SambaVanilla has selected for you the best quality Vanilla beans collected from small local organic producers in Madagascar. (next to Africa)

SambaVanilla products include:

  • SambaVanilla "Grade A beans" which is highly aromatic excellent for general home cooking.
  • SambaVanilla "Prime Grade" is a flavorful grade with higher vanillin content.
  • SambaVanilla "Gourmet Grade" is the Top selection by many professional Chefs here in France.
  • Sambavanilla "Premium Pompona" vanilla is a high quality product from Madagascar
Pure Vanilla Powder
Sambavanilla also offer you a Pure Vanilla bean powder made from 100% Madagascan Vanilla beans.
Vanilla powder is most commonly used for baking.
The main benefits of using Vanilla powder is that you get a stronger Vanilla flavor in your cooking.
Tinctures & Extracts
Many people also use our "SambaVanilla" Vanilla Powder for making Vanilla extracts and tinctures.
This can easily be done by soaking the Vanilla Powder in either (Food Grade) Glycerine for a sweeter end result or (Food Grade) Ethanol for a sharper taste. (see on how to make Tinctures) (You can buy a TINCTURE PRESS online from
Other Products also offer a selection of Madagascan spice like black pepper, cloves, pink berries, red chillies,





NEW****** Madagascan Pompona Vanilla ******














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cloves from Madagascar
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Three peppercorns mix
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