Vanilla is a fragile product and it is necessary to take care of it and respect some rules in order to keep it durably in good conditions.

Given the misadventures of some, it seems necessary to remind of good practices and mistakes not to commit.

First, never store vanilla in the fridge. The ideal storage temperature for vanilla is between 15 and 20 ° C. Vanilla is also very sensitive to fast changes of temperature, and we recommend to store it in a dry and dark room.

The best container we can recommend is the glass tube narrow enough for the pods to be tight inside.

In the absence of tubes, you can also use glass jars, but if the ratio between the volume of the jar and that of the vanilla is important, then we recommend adding a small quantity of rum or vodka in the jar to limit the drying of the pods.

It is imperative to avoid all plastic packaging. The plastic lets get away the aromas and gives a bad taste to the vanilla. In addition if this mode of packaging is combined with the previous factors, it may occur condensation inside the boxes that will in the short term cause the appearance of mold.

Freezing vanilla is also common practice, and in this case, we recommend individually wrapping the pods in food paper.

And as every rule to its exception, an Australian customer told us that he kept his vanilla pods for several months in plastic bags of the brand "Peak Fresh" without any alteration of the quality of the products. These sachets partly composed of zeolite have the particularity of absorbing gases such as ethylene produced by fresh vegetables, which allows a longer shelf life.

This remains the only positive experience of using plastic bags for the preservation of vanilla and is why we strongly recommend the use of glass which also has the advantage of being 100% recyclable.