Duck with vanilla

Duck with vanilla

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It is not necessary to travel to discover new taste of disches. Sambavanilla offers a salty recipe based on vanilla and Madagascan spices sold on our website.

For 4 people, you need:     
• 1 duck of 2 kg     
• 4 small tomatoes     
• 3 onions     
• 5 garlic pieces     
• 3 beautiful slices of thyme     
• The pulp of 2 vanilla pods (keep the pods)     
• 1 teaspoon of turmeric     
• 1 big pinch of nutmeg     
• 1 small glass of amber rum + 1 tablespoon of honey     
• 2 to 4 cloves     
• Black pepper grain & salt    
 • 8 g of ginger    
 • 3 tablespoons of olive oil

Cooking steps:    
• Cut the duck into pieces.    
• Mix the rum, honey, vanilla pulp, pepper and water the pieces of duck. Let cool for at least an hour (for more flavor, marinate 6 hours).   
 • Chop the onions, pile the garlic with cloves, ginger, salt and pepper and detail the flesh of the brunoise tomatoes.    
• In a pot, heat the oil, put the duck and make it brown (keep the marinade) - Attention, if the duck is too fat, remove the excess oil, it must remain in the pot, the equivalent of 3 spoons.   
 • Once the meat is golden brown, add the onion, the garlic-ginger-clove mixture, the turmeric, the nutmeg.   
 • Sprinkle with marinade, then add the tomatoes, thyme and vanilla pods and cover with water.   
 • Simmer for 45 minutes or 1 hour.
The sauce should be short, unctuous and brown.
You can serve this dish with white rice and grains.

All spices, necessary for the realization of this dish, are available at Sambavanilla.