Passion fruit from Madagascar

Grounded dried passion fruit from Madagascar

It is on the east coast of Madagascar that we find the largest plantations of passion fruit.
The passion fruit, also called Grenadilla, is a berry a few centimeters in diameter whose flesh is very fragrant.
It is very rich in fibers and its flavor ideally complements fruit salads, cocktails, but also various creams and cakes.
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Grounded Gdried passion fruit from Madagascar.

Passion fruit takes its name from the flower "Passiflore".

There are several varieties of passion fruit, and the most common in Madagascar is Passiflora Ligularis.

Passion fruit is sometimes found under several names such as granadilla or maracuja.

It has a round or oval shape the size of an egg and a purple color with a slightly wrinkled appearance.

The flavor of passion fruit is sweet and fragrant, slightly tart.

It is made up of a multitude of small seeds and an orange-colored pulp called "aril".

Sambavanilla presents the passion fruit from Madagascar in its dehydrated and powdered form.

The fruits harvested between October and April are picked when fully ripe and directly dried in order to guarantee good preservation of the aromas and products.

Passion fruit powder can be used in many ways. You can incorporate it into a fruit salad, a yogurt, a preparation for cake or cake.

Passion fruit powder also lends itself very well to the preparation of punches and arranged rums where it will bring the typical flavors of the fruit.

The benefits of passion fruit:

Passion fruit is very high in fiber and it contains a good amount of vitamin C and iron.

It has a strong antioxidant power and contributes to the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

In some cases it helps in reducing the growth of cancerous cells.

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