What is the best vanilla bean in the world?

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What is the best vanilla bean in the world? This is a question you've probably already asked yourself if you're looking for exceptional vanilla beans.

At  Sambavanilla, it is with great care that we select the best vanilla pods whatever their origins.

The candidates for the title of Best Vanilla in the World are therefore numerous to jostle for access to the podium and it will be necessary to analyze them in detail.

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the two main varieties of vanilla, vanilla Planifolia and vanilla Tahitentis.

Planifolia vanilla is undoubtedly the most cultivated vanilla in the world. It is mainly found on the island of Madagascar, Reunion, the Comoros, but also in Indonesia and Mexico where it has its origins. Vanilla Planifolia is the variety that is grown under the name “Bourbon” found in the Mascarene Islands.

Tahitentis vanilla has its origins in the Pacific Ocean, and it is found largely in the islands of French Polynesia, but also in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

Vanilla is therefore grown in multiple territories which will enrich the aromatic palettes of the vanilla pods produced in each region. Climate also plays an important role in growing vanilla beans, which love humidity without being too fond of water.

This is also why we often find vanilla plants on sloping ground in order to avoid excess stagnant water.

Next comes the method of preparation. While most Planifolia vanillas undergo the scalding technique, which consists of soaking the green vanilla pods in a bath of hot water to stop the ripening process.

Tahitian Vanilla does not undergo this scalding step and the pods are simply washed before being carefully dried in the sun.

You will therefore easily understand that the vanilla pods will develop different aromas and that it is very complicated to distinguish a vanilla that stands out.

Tahitentis vanilla with its aromas of caramel, liquorice, with gourmet and aniseed notes, will lend itself well to all your sweet preparations. The power of its fragrance will largely compensate for a lower level of vanillin compared to Planifolia vanilla.

It is a vanilla of excellence Cooked by the greatest starred Chefs..

Planifolia vanilla offers a completely different aromatic palette. Bourbon-type vanilla pods will mainly develop fruity aromas with slightly woody floral notes.

When Planifolia vanilla comes from Indonesia or Papua New Guinea, its flavors will be a little stronger and spicy with some almond notes.

Planifolia vanilla offers greater possibilities and goes well with both savory and sweet preparations.

As you will have understood, it is simply impossible to tell you which is the best vanilla in the world, and everyone will build their own opinion on the best vanilla based on their own experience.

In the meantime, Sambavanilla continues to offer you the Best Vanillas in the World in Gourmet quality.

To help you choose the best vanilla pods, do not hesitate contact us.

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